Write a review for a musical called “It’s Not You, It’s Us”. You got the tickets for free, but you had to pay for parking. It was a long walk to the theatre.


Write an article concerning Emily Blunt and her ongoing legal battle with a marijuana dispensary doing business as “Emily’s Blunts”.


Write about ants. Ants are the worst. Never mind, don’t write about ants. Skip writing today.


Write about a honeymoon on the moon that ends in a divorce. Nobody can say “I need some space.”


Write what your last meal would be if you were on death row. And think about what you’ve done.


Write about a person who goes to the hospital because of Flaming Hot Cheetos, but not because of eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.


Write about a man who hears Mexican radio all the time. It’s like Tinnitus, but with Mexican radio. All the time.


Write about a bad date you’ve been on. If you’ve never been on a bad date, you’re a bad date.


Write about seeing your grandpa at Sonic – he’s working the drive-thru. And he’s been dead for ten years.


Write about a baseball player who doesn’t like playing baseball, but he’s in the World Series tonight.


Write about the most recent imposter you have met. If you haven’t met an imposter, you’re the imposter.


Write about being accused of cheating on a tv game show when you are, in fact, cheating.